Games! Games! Games!

Castlebay teacher Mrs. Genna will be hosting an exciting new class. Traditionally children learned many valuable skills by playing games. Children learn about strategizing, taking turns, negotiating, fairness, leadership, taking turns, and integrity when playing games. These are important life skills that children must practice. In this class, we will learn traditional card games, learning games, games with money, and games with technology. This is a class to teach children HOW-TO-PLAY traditional games. Children will be ACTIVELY learning and engaged with peers. We will create our own game in the last two sessions.

Stephany Genna

Wednesdays – 2:45 pm-3:35 pm




If the class you are looking for is full, you can email to be added to the waitlist should that class become available.

We are sorry, but registration closed on January 31 at 6 pm.