TK and Kinder Learning Games

Children enjoy working in an environment that is interactive, fun and educational. For younger learners, play is very purposeful. The children will use skill-based manipulatives for: review and enrichment of alphabet and number recognition, sequencing of letters and numbers, and phonemic awareness (rhyming and hearing letter sounds). They will use puzzles which help them see likenesses and differences in objects, and that is an essential skill for reading similar words. The children work at their own pace either alone or in pairs, and there is a great opportunity for their social skills to improve. They will sort a variety of objects by attributes which requires logical reasoning. My materials are geared to a variety of academic levels, and I encourage children to use appropriate activities for their current academic level. The class is taught by Elaine Friedman, retired Castlebay Lane Kindergarten teacher. TK and Kindergarten students will be picked up from their classes and escorted to their class.

Elaine Friedman

Wednesdays – 2:40 pm-3:40 pm




All enrichment registrations are final. No refunds or make-up dates will be provided.
If the class you are looking for is full, you can join the waitlist and will be notified should the class become available.