Funds 4 R Future

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

We are working together with our school to provide the best educational opportunities for our students. Funds raised from Funds 4R Future allows PATH to invest in our students and provide new opportunities through our exceptional child-centered program. In order to do this, we are asking that each family contribute $600 per family. Most of the monies raised 2023-2024 school year goes towards 2024-2025 school year but is also used school year 2023-2024.  100% proceeds goes to PATH!

Castlebay depends on funds raised to pay for educational programs and services that support the whole school. These are programs and services that the school would not be able to have if PATH did not raise funds to pay for them as Castlebay is not a Title 1 school and does not receive extra funds.   

All proceeds go directly toward investing in critical school needs. All children benefit from these programs, regardless of your ability to donate. But, 100% participation in our ultimate goal and donations of any amount are welcome.

We need your help!

Why Pledge?

Some of the items funded by Funds 4R Future have included:




Raised: $161,399

  •  Computer Program
  • Computer Instructor
  •  Workroom Aide
  • Campus Aides
  • Instructional Aides
  • Supervision Aides
  • Educational Supplies
  • Music Instructor
  • Printing press for the Castlebay Connection (CB student publication)
  • Science Lab
  • Science Lab Aide
  • Science Supplies
  • Art Instructor
  • Art Supplies
  • Spelling Bee Program (Scripts)
  • Agendas for students: 3rd-5th
  • Folders for students: 2nd-5th
  • STEAM Experiences
  • Brain Pop
  • Mystery Science
  • Generation Genius
  • Safety equipment
  • Workroom Supplies
  • Accelerated Reader (AR) & IXL
  • Educational Software
  • 3D Printers

Every student counts. Every gift counts. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Donor Wall

See the list of donors that have donated to Funds 4 R Future.

Emerald $3000+

Giuli Family

Petrossian Family

Wartanian (Ava) Family

Wolfe (Nairi) Family

Platinum $2000


Gold $1000

Abukurah Family
Adjian Family
Aguilar Family
Aranaz Family
Asatryan Family
Bass Family
Chang (Binna) Family
Chaparyan Family
Dorsainvil Family
Gabrelian Family
Hong Family 
Huang Family 
Kim (Joshua) Family
Kim (Kobe) Family
Lee (Kassandra) Family
Lee (Kayden) Family
Low Family
Savangphol Family

Sezgin Family
Sogomonova Family

Stelter Family

Winstead Family
Womack Family
Yeung Family

Silver $600

Abeye Family
Altunyan (Allen) Family
Altunyan (Emma) Family
Alvarez Family

Amirali Family
Anicet Family
Bakhtiari Family
Blinder Family

Castaneda (Hudson) Family
Crowell Family
Chu Family
Davtyan Family
Demirjian Family
Fathi Family
Feinberg Family
Ficklin Family
Fischer Family
Galajyan Family
Gregory Family
Gevorkian Family

Guizon Family
Gupta (Aayansh) Family
Guzman (Jayden) Family
Hout Family
Issakhani Family

Jang Family
Jin Family
Jun Family

Kanal Family
Khachikyan Family
Kim (Ayrton) Family

Kim (Eden) Family
Kim-Jew Family
Labin Family
Lee (Amelia) Family
Lee (Brent) Family
Levonian Family
Lingard Family
Lopez Family
Lumley Family
Mamyan Family
Masikooi Family
Matsumura Family
Melkonian Family
Moon Family
Orton Family
Osinaga Family
Padilla Family
Paknejad Family
Park (Aiden) Family
Piscione Family

Rich-Taitz Family
Ringpis Famil

Rivera (Aria) Family
Roberto Family
Ronghe Family

Okahata Family
Overton Family
Sakiyama Family
Salim Family
Sareen Family
Schroeder Family
Servano Family
Shahverdian Family
Sobel Family
Terpanjian Family
Thomas Family
Udrescu Family
Van Der Wel Family
Varbedian Family
Verity Family
Vess Family
Wang Family
Washington Family
Weirich Family
Woo Family
Wuo Family

Bronze $300

Ah (Leon) Family
Avedian Family
Bagarian Family

Castaneda (Caliber) Family
Daub Family
Dushi Family

Gonzalez (Adrian) Family
Gonzalez (Sofia) Family
Hormozyari Family
Khalajzadeh Family
Kim (Chloe) Family
Lee (Ada) Family
Lee (Olivia) Family
Leyra Family
Linddahl Family
Lorenzana Family
Munoz (Rajan) Family
Pham Family
Rizvi Family
Tahmasian Family
Zaghian Family

Friends $200

Cohen (Ryan) Family
Harutyunyan (Ruben) Family
Livingston Family
Misirian Family
Oh (Reese) Family
Patao Family
Regalado Family