PATH Board 2022-2023

Nominations due by Tues, Apr 29, 2022.  Voting will end Tues, Apr 5, 2022.  Parent Representatives will be announced Fri, Apr 8, 2022. 


PATH Board Nominations 2022-2023 

Parents And Teachers Helping (PATH) is a non-profit organization, providing fundraising and volunteer support to Castlebay Lane Charter Elementary School. We have chosen to be a non-profit organization instead of a traditional PTA (Parent Teacher Association). This allows us to keep all the money raised within PATH and support the school rather paying dues and fees to a national organization.

Our Mission

To support the education of the students of Castlebay Lane Charter Elementary by providing additional classes, support, supplies and teaching assistance that are not provided by LAUSD.

Please e-mail Nadine Abukurah at for any questions.

    PATH 2022-2023 

    We have two people for the Parliamentarian position. Please vote below.