Shop for Castlebay

Help earn thousands of dollars each year for Castlebay through your everyday shopping!   Free money! YAY!  PATH has partnered with businesses that contribute a portion of their proceeds to our school when we shop or dine there.  We encourage you to support these businesses and help raise valuable fundraising dollars for Castlebay.  A description of each program is below.

Every Day Ways to Earn

Do you shop at Ralph’s and use a Ralph’s Rewards Card? Every time you make a purchase at Ralphs, use your rewards car and enroll Castlebay Lane Elementary, PATH will automatically start earning funds that go to support our educational programs!  This is FREE to you as a shopper and our school gets funds if you enroll!  You can also ask family and friends to sign up!  

*Scroll down for a STEP BY STEP on how to enroll*

How to Enroll…

Help earn thousands of dollars each year for Castlebay through your everyday shopping!   Free money for Castlebay!

To register on your Ralph’s Reward Card online:

Step 1: Go to and scroll to the bottom and under COMMUNITY then click “Ralphs Community Contribution Program” OR enter (if you’ve already done this, go to Step 2)
• Under Welcome/Sign In, click Create Account
• Fill out information
• Enter your Rewards Card # found on the back of the card
• ClickCreateAccount

Step 2: Link your Ralphs Rewards Card with our group
• Once you’re signed in, under the My Account tab on the upper right side, click My Account
• Click Community Rewards from the menu on the left side
• In the Find an Organization field, type Castlebay Lane Elementary, click Search
• Our school will come up
• Click Enroll

*If you have any questions or need any help, email: *

To register on your Ralph’s Reward Card on the Ralph’s APP (super easy and quick):

Step 1: Open Ralph’s app then click on the 3 small lines on the upper right hand side

Step 2: Click on “Rewards”

Step 3: Click on “Community Rewards”

Step 4: Click on “Search for Organization”

Step 5: Type in “Castlebay Lane” then click “Enroll” on our school “Castlebay Lane Elementary”

Here’s an easy way to help earn cash for our school even when we’re not on campus! Before you throw away your empty cereal box, pasta box, canned good, etc., cut the label and email to find out where to mail them. There is a wide range of participating products such as Hefty, Annie’s, Ziploc, and Nature Valley to name just a few.  As long as the expiration date and product code are visible, we’ll accept labels however they’re clipped! Or skip the scissors all together and find out how you can scan your receipts to earn money for our school through the Box Tops App program for Apple and Android.   

There are 3 ways to turn in your Box Tops for Education:

Option 1: Download the Box Top for Education app on your smartphone, find “Castlebay Lane Charter Elementary School” and SCAN your receipt with the app.

Option 2: Receipt Only. Submit your receipt containing the Box Tops for Education qualifying items that have been purchased by your household. Make sure to include your student’s name a room number on the receipt. The receipt must be submitted within 2 weeks of purchase. You can also email to

Option 3: Traditional Cut Labels. You may still submit the physical labels that show the original logo. Mail them to the PATH PO Box


BOX TOPS: Do you purchase any of the below?