Why Donate?

Developing Our Leaders of Tomorrow…

We are excited to begin Funds 4 R Future (F4RF). YOUR generosity in this year’s campaign will make Castlebay a stronger and better school for our children. This year we need your help to raise $160,00.00 to provide a well-rounded experience for all our students. Castlebay is a California Distinguished Elementary School, which is an award given by the California State Board of Education to public schools that best represent exemplary and quality education programs based on several federal and state criteria. Approximately 5-10% of California schools were awarded this honor each year. We are also a California Gold Ribbon Elementary School, which is an award recognizing outstanding educational programs and practices and schools demonstrating exemplary achievements in implementing state standards in priority areas. In the spring of 2019 Castlebay became an LAUSD STEAM-certified school. It was a compilation of a year’s work, demonstrating our school’s focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics instruction. For the 2019-2020 school year Castlebay’s Robotics teams were successful and qualified for State Championship. Regarding the Invention Convention Engineering & Entrepreneur School Competition 6 students from Castlebay were awarded: 3 Merit Awards and 3 won State Championship and were set to go to Nationals! However due to Covid, both these State Championships were cancelled.


Q:What Does Your Donation Support?

A: Castlebay depends on funds raised to pay for educational programs and services that support the whole school. These are programs and services that the school would not be able to have if PATH did not raise funds to pay for them. PATH’s fundraising efforts include Funds 4R Future asking each family to contribute $500 per family, Ralph’s loyalty programs, Box Tops, an exciting new fundraising platforms, to name a few. Donations in any amount are welcome and used!


Q:What Does PATH Fund and How Does It Work?

A: Monies raised during 2023-2024 goes towards the 2024-2025 school year. So, the money that is raised this school year is budgeted to the 2024-2025 school year. As an example, PATH has funded the following (without our fundraising, we could not have these at our school):

  • Educational Software
  • STEM Experiences
  • Instructional Aides
  • Campus Aides
  • Workroom Aide
  • Water Filters
  • Science Lab
  • Science Supplies
  • Computer Lab
  • 3D Printers
  • Work Room Supplies
  • Safety Supplies
  • Field Trips
  • Various Events


Q: Who Should Donate?

A: Castlebay has an incredibly diverse student body whose families reflect a wide range of economic circumstances. We are proud of our caring and generous community that gives to our school in small and large ways every single day. This generosity contributes to the teaching and learning of ALL Castlebay students, enabling them to thrive.  For this fundraising campaign, we are asking all Castlebay families to give what they can toward the recommended donation of $600 per family (apx $2.77 per school day). As always, choose a donation amount that fits your family’s finances and know that every dollar makes a difference.


Q: Can I donate online?

A: Yes! Visit: www.pathtoCastlebay.com /donate


Q: I’m willing to pledge a large sum but can’t pay all at once. Can I pay monthly?

A: Yes! There is an option on both the paper and online donation forms to break up credit card payments by month. Just make sure the (number of payments) x (the monthly payment) is what you’d like to donate for the year.


Q: Can family and friends donate?

A: Yes! There is no restriction on who can donate to the F4RF Campaign. Contact your family and friends, or use social media to let them know that your school needs support. They can donate online or mail in their gift (checks preferred over cash for safety). Just make sure they list the student and room number or teacher in order to get credit toward prizes!  Family and friends can also sign up to the Ralph’s Rewards.


Q: Do you accept matching donations?

A: Yes! Matching employer donations are crucial to the success of F4RF. Don’t hesitate to contact your HR department and simply ask if they would make a matching donation for $50, $500, or even $1000. Large companies usually have a matching program!


Q: How can I trust that multiple donations will count towards my child’s total amount?

A: As long as all donations note your child’s name and room number or teacher, we will credit the donation properly. Our database has a filed for child’s name and room number and will be added up if the information is there.


EVERY dollar donated is 100% tax deductible and goes directly to our students, teachers and school.