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Last day to Pre-order the yearbook was April 15, 2022

Currently, we selling at Pick Up price.  Please order now or when they come in. If you did not place a Pre-order, yearbooks are sold at a first come, first serve basis and are subject to sell out as quantities are limited!



Cost: $35/per book

    Free Yearbook

    For families who donated $500 or more to Funds 4 R Future, each Castlebay student in your family gets a yearbook. You can order extra, however, there will be NO Refunds.

    To see if you are eligible for a free yearbook, look for your student’s name on the list below.  For any questions, please email 

      Free Yearbook List

      1DoanAreni C.
      1DoanCaliber C.
      1DoanCharoltte F.
      1DoanDaniel P.
      1DoanDavit V.
      1DoanElijah F.
      1DoanNathaniel R.
      1DoanOliver P.
      1DoanScotland B.
      1DoanSofia G.
      K1CiprianoAlijah H.
      K1CiprianoArianna A.
      K1CiprianoAva W.
      K1CiprianoBriseis O.
      K1CiprianoCoraline K.
      K1CiprianoDavid L.
      K1CiprianoJoaquin A.
      K1CiprianoHailey W.
      K1CiprianoLara M.
      K1CiprianoLilly K.
      K1CiprianoMichael G.
      K1CiprianoMira M.
      K1CiprianoSebouh A.
      K1CiprianoShaunt A.
      K1CiprianoTigran T.
      K1CiprianoWesley W.
      K1CiprianoChaz G.
      K2TakeuchiAtticus F.
      K2TakeuchiCecilia L.
      K2TakeuchiDashiell C.
      K2TakeuchiHunter B.
      K2TakeuchiJustin W.
      K2TakeuchiKaylee M.
      K2TakeuchiNadine A.
      K2TakeuchiSahira S.
      K3JonesEmily A.
      K3JonesElliott K.
      K3JonesKennedi W.
      K3JonesSevan W.
      K4LingardColton C.
      K4LingardHenry G.
      K4LingardKyle W.
      K4LingardJohn T.
      K4LingardMadeline G.
      K4LingardMichael L.
      K4LingardNori D.
      K4LingardShannon L.
      1st Grade
      2WartanianSasha Vess-Ovsiannikov
      2WartanianAmelia F.
      2WartanianEmily K.
      2WartanianGalina B.
      2WartanianKassandra L.
      2WartanianKobe K.
      2WartanianMaxwell A.
      20ChangDarron Z.
      20ChangDiego P.
      20ChangHolden C.
      20ChangJaxon Z.
      20ChangLennix J.
      20ChangLeila A.
      20ChangSamantha V.
      20 ChangStelio R.
      24PhanAlana L.
      24PhanAraz M.
      24PhanArianna N.
      24PhanDavit G.
      24PhanDylan S.
      24PhanEmily A.
      24PhanMilana M.
      24PhanOliver G.
      24PhanPeyton C.
      24PhanRobert G.
      28AlbertsonBrayden W.
      28AlbertsonCamden P.
      28AlbertsonJulian S.
      28AlbertsonNairi W.
      28AlbertsonOlivia B.
      28AlbertsonScarlett S.
      28AlbertsonTyler S.
      28AlbertsonViraj K.
      2nd Grade
      8DorfmanChristoper I.
      8DorfmanJad M.
      8DorfmanJason L.
      8DorfmanRiley S.
      8DorfmanDaphne O.
      18NguyenAndrew K.
      18NguyenAnnabel S.
      18NguyenBrendan W.
      18NguyenBrent L.
      18NguyenDylan U.
      18NguyenKayden L.
      18NguyenLouie J.
      18NguyenSaanvi K.
      18NguyenSebastian A.
      19Teplin Ailea M.
      19TeplinAlina F.
      19TeplinEmma L.
      19TeplinEmma S.
      19TeplinGrace S.
      19TeplinJoseph V.
      19TeplinKaden A.
      19TeplinNoah Y
      19TeplinParsa B.
      25LeeAnna N.
      25LeeAnvi A.
      25LeeBrandon K.
      25LeeChloe D.
      25LeeInsiya R.
      25LeeJacob L.
      25LeeJonathan S.
      25LeeMichael B.
      25LeePedro C.
      25LeeShanaya S.
      3rd Grade
      5SettyHudson C.
      5SettyIsabella R.
      5SettyJacob H.
      5SettyJackson B.
      5SettyNatalia A.
      5SettyPreston C.
      5SettyToby S.
      5SettyYashiv S.
      9DeberryAlejandro P.
      9DeberryChase C.
      9DeberryElle J.
      9DeberryEmmanuella J.
      9DeberryEvan O.
      9DeberryEve J.
      9DeberryLily A.
      10RosenbergAfaz M.
      10RosenbergBenjamin K.
      10RosenbergCoston O.
      10RosenbergDominic O.
      10RosenbergEthan W.
      10RosenbergEvelyn S.
      10RosenbergHajin W.
      10RosenbergKamilla G.
      10RosenbergMatthew T.
      10RosenbergNatalie C.
      10RosenbergSona A.
      10RosenbergZoe T.
      11MixAlec B.
      11MixAlexa Z.
      11MixGabriela L.
      11MixJacob T.
      11MixJoshua K.
      11MixTigran K.
      4th Grade
      6VanDerWelAmelia S.
      6VanDerWelAmelia T.
      6VanDerWelConor N.
      6VanDerWelElena L.
      6VanDerWelFernando B.
      6VanDerWelGiselle R.
      6VanDerWelJulia Y.
      6VanDerWelLina K.
      6VanDerWelNicholas L.
      6VanDerWelShelby W.
      6VanDerWelSophia D.
      6VanDerWelVihaan A.
      12BlankenshipGrace V.
      12BlankenshipLexi W.
      12BlankenshipMadeline C.
      12BlankenshipMario R.
      12BlankenshipMatias G.
      12BlankenshipNolan H.
      12BlankenshipTrent V.
      23DanielsArjun S.
      23DanielsKellan B.
      23DanielsSofie F.
      5th Grade
      14HorosnyBlake C.
      14HorosnyFletcher O.
      14HorosnyJoaquin A.
      14HorosnyMason L.
      14HorosnyMiranda K.
      14HorosnyNicole B.
      15EisenoffAdrian S.
      15EisenoffAnita K.
      15EisenoffHunter C.
      15EisenoffJadeyn K.
      16WaitleyChloe S.
      16WaitleyMakaia M.
      16WaitleyNicholas O.
      16WaitleyPaul C.
      16WaitleySamantha T.
      16WaitleyValentina N.
      16WaitleyZahra R.
      16WaitleyVivienne N.
      26O'RourkeAlaina O.
      26O'RourkeAnushka K.
      26O'RourkeArthur K.
      26O'RourkeCamille S.
      Dylan L.
      26O'RourkeIan S.
      26O'RourkeMichelle V.
      26O'RourkeSiya M.

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