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If a pre-order is not purchased, any remaining yearbooks will be sold on a first come, first serve basis and quanities are limited! 

    Free Yearbook

    For families who donated $600 or more to Funds 4 R Future, each Castlebay student in your family gets a yearbook. You are welcomed to ordering additional yearbooks, however, there will be NO Refunds on the additional yearbooks you purchase.

    To see if you are eligible for a free yearbook, look for your student’s name on the list below.  For any questions, please email 

      Free Yearbook List

      K1TeplinCassia A.
      K1TeplinElla A.
      K1TeplinElina A.
      K1TeplinJayden G.
      K1TeplinChloe I.
      K1TeplinEden K.
      K1TeplinMason M.
      K1TeplinHailey M.
      K1TeplinDezmond O.
      K1TeplinHayk V.
      K1TeplinKamryn W.
      K1TeplinDakota W.
      K2DeBerryTyler A.
      K2DeBerryLuke K.
      K2DeBerryAlexander R.
      K2DeBerryLucy S.
      K2DeBerryRoman V.
      K3JonesAlayna A.
      K3JonesAlexis C.
      K3JonesKalina C.
      K3JonesNiyah H.
      K3JonesMusa K.
      K3JonesAni K.
      K3JonesWeston L.
      K4LingardAllen A.
      K4LingardHailyn B.
      K4LingardCamila G.
      K4LingardLeonardo H.
      K4LingardChristian I.
      K4LingardKiara K.
      K4LingardLiana L.
      K4LingardCollin L.
      K4LingardJuliet P.
      K4LingardElla S.
      K4LingardLucas S.
      22CalkinsAdela A.
      22CalkinsKristin H.
      22CalkinsWilliam K.
      22CalkinsParker R.
      22CalkinsCarsen Y.
      1DoanBinna C.
      1DoanAliah F.
      1DoanDean M.
      1DoanKeeton P.
      1DoanJoy S.
      1DoanMorgan S.
      1DoanNatalia S.
      1DoanMia T.
      2WartanianLayla A.
      2WartanianDaniel A.
      2WartanianSofia B.
      2WartanianTamar C.
      2WartanianMadelyn F.
      2WartanianAdrian F.
      2WartanianEaston K.
      2WartanianAmelia L.
      2WartanianLucas L.
      2WartanianIsabella T.
      2WartanianAni T.
      1st Grade
      19AlbertsonSofie D.
      19AlbertsonAndy H.
      19AlbertsonEliana S.
      20ChangEva A.
      20ChangMaya K.
      20ChangAyrton K.
      20ChangElliott KJ.
      20ChangDavid L.
      20ChangDecker L.
      20ChangJordan M.
      20ChangRyder S.
      20ChangEverly S.
      20ChangNora W.
      20 ChangRowan W.
      21SettyEmma A.
      21SettyEmily A.
      21SettyJacob B.
      21SettyJessica C.
      21SettyEva G.
      21SettyPiper L.
      21SettyNathan O.
      21SettyMichael P.
      21SettyEvan T.
      21SettyTabitha U.
      21SettyBlair V.
      21SettyKennedi W.
      12SettyReeves W.
      21SettySevan W.
      21SettyAidan Y.
      24PhanCalista C.
      24PhanMadeleine C.
      24PhanElly H.
      24PhanAriela H.
      24PhanPengpeng H.
      24PhanMichael K.
      24PhanChloe K.
      24PhanAndrew R.
      24PhanZachary R.
      24PhanSiena S.
      2nd Grade
      8DorfmanAreni C.
      8DorfmanDashiell C.
      8DorfmanElla L.
      8DorfmanCecilia C.
      8DorfmanJames M.
      8DorfmanIsaac P.
      8DorfmanAria R.
      8DorfmanKyle W.
      18NguyenAlivia A.
      18NguyenJoaquin A.
      18NguyenArianna A.
      18NguyenMadison C.
      18NguyenNori D.
      18NguyenMadeline G.
      18NguyenCoraline KA.
      18NguyenChaz O.
      18NguyenOliver P.
      18NguyenNathaniel R.
      18NguyenEmma S.
      18NguyenAva W.
      18NguyenJustin W.
      23RosenbergNadine A.
      23RosenbergEric A.
      23RosenbergAidan A.
      23RosenbergSophia F.
      23RosenbergMichael G.
      23RosenbergMichael L.
      23RosenbergTopanga P.
      23RosenbergJohn T.
      23RosenbergDavit V.
      25Maria LeeScotland B.
      25Maria LeeAtticus F.
      25Maria LeeElijah F.
      25Maria LeeCharlotte G.
      25Maria LeeDavid L.
      25Maria LeeAlexa T.
      3rd Grade
      5LeeCamden P.
      5LeeStelio R.
      5LeeTyler S.
      5LeeNicholas S.
      5LeeSamantha V.
      7MixLeila A.
      7MixPeyton C.
      7MixOliver G.
      7MixAayansh G.
      7MixEmily K.
      7MixAlana L.
      7MixAraz M.
      7MixDiego P.
      7MixScarlett S.
      7MixSasha V.
      7MixBrayden W.
      7MixJaxon Z.
      9PakRyan B.
      9PakHolden C.
      9PakKobe K.
      9PakKassandra L.
      9PakDylan S.
      9PakNaira W.
      10WaitleyLeo A.
      10WaitleyAriana A.
      10WaitleyGalina B.
      10WaitleyDavit G.
      10WaitleyViraj K.
      10WaitleyInna K.
      10WaitleyAria R.
      10WaitleyAdam S.
      10WaitleyJulian S.
      4th Grade
      6VanDerWelKaden A.
      6VanDerWelJasmine C.
      6VanDerWelChloe D.
      6VanDerWelAlina F.
      6VanDerWelEmma G.
      6VanDerWelEvan G.
      6VanDerWelAngela J.
      6VanDerWelBrandon K.
      6VanDerWelSaanvi K.
      6VanDerWelJacob L.
      6VanDerWelBrent L.
      6VanDerWelKayden L.
      6VanDerWelJazmin L.
      6VanDerWelAndrew M.
      6VanDerWelEmma S.
      6VanDerWelGrace S.
      6VanDerWelViaan S.
      6VanDerWelDylan U.
      6VanDerWelJoseph V.
      6VanDerWelBrendan W.
      11DanielsSanayah A.
      11DanielsParsa B.
      11DanielsLuke F.
      11DanielsMaya G.
      11DanielsChristopher I.
      11DanielsAnna M.
      11DanielsAnnabel S.
      12BlankenshipSebastian A.
      12BlankenshipMichael B.
      12BlankenshipTristyn F.
      12BlankenshipLouie J.
      12BlankenshipAndrew J.
      12BlankenshipMelanie K.
      12BlankenshipJason L.
      12BlankenshipSamuel M.
      12BlankenshipAnna N.
      12BlankenshipSilas O.
      12BlankenshipRiley S.
      5th Grade
      14HorosnyNatalia A.
      14HorosnyAlec B.
      14HorosnyAlejandro P.
      14HorosnyIsabella R.
      14HorosnyMatthew T.
      14HorosnyEthan W.
      14HorosnyHajin W.
      14HorosnyAlexa Z.
      16SanchezEthan A.
      16SanchezLily A.
      16SanchezJoshua K.
      16SanchezBenjamin O.
      16SanchezKamron P.
      16SanchezJacob T.
      26O'RourkeJackson B.
      26O'RourkeHudson C.
      26O'RourkePreston C.
      26O'RourkeElle J.
      26O'RourkeEve J.
      26O'RourkeTigran .
      26O'RourkeEvan O.
      26O'RourkeAiden P.
      26O'RourkeBani S.

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